We can do better than Alabama!

10/10/18  League of Women Voters candidate questionnaire

     Please see Scott's responses; click here and then select Colorado State House District 43. The incumbent opponent did not bother to respond.



Our kids are our future​

  • As a father of two teenagers, Scott is especially concerned about our kids, especially the ones at risk, and wants to help them.  
  • Colorado is 43rd, behind Alabama and Mississippi, in funding education
  • Special education is severely underfunded
  • Juvenile justice, mental health, and education do not serve each other well.  
  • Scott wants to decriminalize truancy.
  • Awareness needs to be raised of the very real dangers of toxic/deadly synthetics, and the laws and technology for drug testing need to catch up.


Families and Middle Class

Families need help​

  • Fighting for public education; keep public schools public
  • Great schools => Keep home values high
  • Incent businesses to provide living wages and benefits for youth and young adults
  • Make secondary education affordable
  • Quality housing, address building defects
  • Urgent care costs are sky high, out of control with no oversight
  • Fund mental health/behavioral health - Colorado is dead last in funding mental health, fewest beds per capita
  • Oppose conversion therapy
  • Support the 2nd Amendment for law abiding citizens
  • Common sense gun laws:  No Fly no Buy!



Live well, with dignity

  • Protect Social Security so the State does not get hit
  • Expand Medicaid and Medicare
  • Affordable housing



Business friendly legislation

  • Innovative, business solutions and technology, including Blockchain 
  • Optimize government to create more room for incentives
  • Incentives for small and medium businesses
  • Consumer/business friendly legislation


Scott's Guiding Principles


Fellow House District 43 Citizens,

Are you tired of not being heard? Are you tired of not feeling represented?

I intend to change how we do politics in our district.

Ladies, Gentleman and Citizens of District 43, together we must seek the change to make our district represent the voice of its citizens. We must take responsibility for improving the lives of our families and our communities.

As your District Representative, I will provide inclusive leadership by building a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents together whose only goals are to do what is best for our District. We must cross party lines to seek not just a one-sided answer, BUT the best answer for our District!

We must HAVE REPRESENTATION THAT LISTENS TO THE MAJORITY of the District and not let 2% of the district control the 98%.

We must hold on to core values as we work together to build our coalition and march together to a brighter, better future for all citizens of House District 43. As your Representative, I will commit myself to leading the way.


Working as a District Representative, I will make sure all citizens are protected under the Colorado Constitution.


All Coloradoans should have a fair shot at success and chance to succeed. Where everyone plays by the same rules. Everyone pays their fair share.


All people should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the life they want.


Our state leaders must focus on building a stronger and more secure middle class with good paying jobs, affordable higher education and a secure retirement without increasing taxes, or overburdening the very people we seek to help.


To achieve inclusive democracy in our district, we must all take responsibility for ourselves, our families and our communities as we pursue collaborative solutions.

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